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From Podcast Viewer to Maggid Shiur | R' Duvid Szegedin

Exclusive Latest Talks+ Interview with R' Duvid Szegedin, famous Magud Shiur on Chimish Rashi.

Join us for a special Latest Talks+ interview with R' Duvid Szegedin as he takes us through his incredible journey - going from a regular guy to owning the Maggid Shiur scene on Chimish Rashi!

Not too long ago, he was just a regular guy. As he puts it, "It doesn't make sense that I should give a Shiur, based on my upbringings, based on who I am, I'm an average Joe." So how did he become one? It all started on a usual Thursday night, while he was watching and enjoying a Latest Talks podcast with Reb Eli Stefansky... a fascinating and inspiring story of how unexpected twists turned R' Duvid into a Maggid Shiur sensation. Listen and enjoy the full episode for the complete, captivating journey.

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