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WWII Survivor Bar Mitzvah At Age 96

Hershy Rubinstein (The Yizkor Foundation) interviews Holocaust survivors whenever there's an opportunity, he has an archive of over 1000 interviews he did in the past 25 years.

This Sukkos he was in Florida and did his usuals going around interviewing Holocaust survivors, but this time was different, he met Mr. Schagrin, and during his interview, Mr. Schagrin kept on mentioning that he never had a Bar Mitzvah.

On his way out Hershy called up Pinchus Raab and told him that he felt Mr. Schagrin is a little in pain for not having a Bar Mitzvah, because he was sent to the war at the young age of 12, and missed his opportunity. We must do something about it.

Pinchus was moved and surprised to hear that because he had a project scheduled for the next week in Florida and once he's there with the team, he can extend their stay for another day and set up a full Bar Mitzvah experience for Mr. Schagrin, Hershy was so excited to hear that. and BS"D a week later we had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make this Beautiful Bar Mitzvah For Mr. Leon Schagrin At The Age Of 96.

Wanna know more about Mr. Schagrin?

Here's a link to his book:

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Vloggers: Pinchus Raab - Owner of PR Marketing Group

Chilu Posen - Owner of Mezamrim Choir

Hershy Rubinstein - The Yizkor Foundation

Shimmy Rubinstein - Photography

Mr. Leon Schagrin - Holocaust Survivor

Rabbi Binyamin Feldbrand - Rabbi of Bardichev Florida

Project By: Latest Talks & The Yizkor Foundation @theyizkorfoundation2620

Filmed By: @TwoToneMediaOfficial - (Yoni Steinfed)

Shul: Bardichev Florida

Music By: DJ Chaim | +1786-450-1030

Edited By: Pinchus Raab

Special Thanks: Lazer Deutsch, Shlome Krauss, Meilich Melber, Moshe Milstein, and all the amazing people who participated in the Bar Mitzvah.


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