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Latest Talks Podcast - Episode #8 | Topics: Alkaline Water - Oil/Tea - Tomatoes.

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Welcome to the Latest Talks Podcast!

Here we shmooze and try to cover all kinds of interesting topics, so you can enjoy top-quality Yiddish entertainment.

About The Host: Pinchus Raab is a well-known entrepreneur in the Orthodox Jewish community, he is most famous as the owner of the PR Marketing Group. Pinchus always had a dream to create Yiddish video content for Klal Yisroel, he filmed interviews here and there, but wanted to give all he's got. About a year ago he teamed up with Latest Simchas and started working on this podcast which is finally here, and will be for anyone who would be interested in Yiddish video entertainment.

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Guest: Yoely Weider - Owner of Droplets

To buy a machine, call today: 347-986-6520


Chilu Posen - Owner of Mezamrim Choir

Moshe Milstein - Designer • Pencil Point


Change Your Water, Change Your Life! #DROPLETS

Call: 347-986-6520


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